Alternative to Incarceration (ATI)

Greenhope’s Alternative to Incarceration programs are designed to assist a woman who has been charged with a crime to secure a non-incarcerative sentence. The women who participate in these programs have a substance abuse addiction and are in need of clinical, social, vocational and educational services. For each prospective client, Greenhope will advocate in court for treatment rather than incarceration. The Residential ATI program is designed for women requiring in-patient substance abuse services. Clients are referred from New York City drug treatment, family and supreme courts. They are mandated to participate and complete all treatment stipulations set by Greenhope and the courts. Clients receive court advocacy services to assist in gaining probation and/or dismissal of their convictions. The Day Treatment program is designated for parolee women who have a stable residence and require substance abuse services. Clients participate in day services Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. They are expected to participate in relapse prevention workshops, chemical dependency education, substance abuse counseling, vocational and educational groups, parenting skill development (if applicable), empowerment seminars and recreation and leisure activities.

Program Population: 

Women referred to an alternative to incarceration, women with substance abuse issues, women on parole.

Program Funding Source: 

Public and private donations, government grants, public foundations

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Agency Name: 
Project Greenhope: Services for Women