Health Programs

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services - The Empowerment Program is a licensed drug treatment program in Colorado that provides outpatient services for women and women offenders. Pre-treatment, treatment and on-going recovery drug treatment services are provided through one-to-one counseling and group treatment activities. They also provide limited assistance to participants to enroll in and continue their participation in methadone maintenance programs. Project CARES (Connecting Addiction, Recovery and Emotional Strength) This project is an expanded drug and alcohol treatment program. It connects women seeking substance abuse treatment, mental health and includes HIV prevention and education. Mental health services are provided through counseling and groups that focus on trauma, parenting issues, anger management and life skills. Project CHANGES (Changing Habits and Nurturing Goals Encouraging Success) This project is designed to reach out to women of color who are actively smoking cocaine. It offers them an opportunity to receive pre-treatment services and to learn harm reduction methods in order to help them become productive by working on their strengths, using strengths based case management. Project Chrysalis This project is designed to provide street, court and institutional outreach to women working as prostitutes or sex workers who want to leave prostitution. Holistic Heath Recovery Project HHRP is a comprehensive, cutting edge treatment program designed for people with a history of injection drug use who are committed to reducing the harm of their lifestyle and ultimately to move toward complete abstinence from all illicit drugs. HIV/AIDS CARE SERVICES Women's AIDS Project - Care and prevention services are provided for women who are living with HIV/AIDS or who are at risk for HIV infection. Comprehensive case management services are provided for both adults and teen women. Assistance with transportation, housing and emergency expenses is available. Prevention activities target sex workers, incarcerated women, homeless women and at-risk teens. Individualized case management services are provided to women and their families in the home or community.

Program Population: 

Women who have been previously incarcerated, women with substance abuse issues, women who are homeless post release, women with HIV/AIDS, women with disabilities (mental, physical, etc).

Program Capacity: 

150 women per week, unlimited capacity

Program Funding Source: 

Federal, state government, public and private donations, grants

Start Date Year: 
1600 York Street
Agency Name: 
The Empowerment Program