Employment Programs

The goal of Denver’s Road Home is to provide employment and stable housing for homeless individuals who have a felony. All women will receive case management, employment assistance (resume development, interview skills training, and referrals to felon-friendly employment), financial planning and educational services. Participants must reside in the Denver Metropolitan Area, are willing to complete job readiness training, find and keep employment for at least one year, and work with case managers and take part in training opportunities offered. Employment Services Job readiness training, assistance with placement and other employment related support services are available for program participants. Those services are specifically focused on individuals who have felony convictions, have been incarcerated in prisons of jails, or have other barriers to employment. Prisoner Re-Entry Project (DMPRI) The Prisoner Re-Entry Project is a group of state, local, private and non-profit agencies working together to help ex-offenders successfully return to their communities. PREP provides support services such as: • Employment Assistance • Job Training • Housing Referrals • Mentors to help participants during their transition back into the community • Case Management

Program Population: 

Women who have been previously incarcerated, women with substance abuse issues, women who are homeless post release, women with HIV/AIDS, women with disabilities (mental, physical, etc).

Program Capacity: 

150 women per year, unlimited capacity.

Program Funding Source: 

Federal, state, government, public and private donations, grants.

Start Date Year: 
1600 York Street
Agency Name: 
The Empowerment Program