Alaska Women’s Resource Center and Outpatient Program

Akeela’s Women’s Outpatient Program provides general and intensive outpatient services to women with a variety of substance abuse issues. Program participants frequently have ongoing issues with the Office Children’s Services, have no or low-paying employment, and often have histories of abusive relationships. While they assess as an ASAM I to an ASAM II.1, they bring with them a variety of personal problems that compound their substance abuse dependency. The Outpatient Program conducts an assessment to determine a participant’s level of addiction and to develop a treatment plan that includes group and one-on-one counseling sessions. Because the program is specifically for women, Akeela incorporates gender specific issues around relationships, parenting and related issues into our program.

Program Population: 

Women with substance abuse issues, women who have been previously incarcerated, women with co-occurring disorders.

Program Capacity: 

150 women a year.

Program Funding Source: 

Grant, sliding scale, fee-based, Medicaid.

Start Date Year: 
505 West Northern Lights Blvd.
Agency Name: 
Akeela Inc.