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October-2016 Edition
Welcome to the NIC Information Center Dispatch!
In this issue:
  • NIC Spotlight: Interview with Chief Jeff Hadnot from NIC's Academy Division
  • NIC Divisions: Academy, Community, Jails, Prisons
  • What's New in the NIC Library
  • This Month's Feature: NIC's Virtual Conference: Leading with Innovation
  • Resources on Hot Topics
  • Upcoming NIC Training Events
  • About NIC
Chief Hadnot
NIC Spotlight

NIC's Academy Division Chief
In this issue we interview Chief Jeff Hadnot from NIC's Academy Division. He discusses his vision for the Academy and the 2016 Virtual Conference on November 9th.

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NIC Divisions
NIC is comprised of four divisions, and the Information Center. The divisions are based on functions within the organization and the area of corrections that they serve. They are: The divisions are divided between offices in Washington, D.C. and Aurora, Colorado.
New In The Library
TJC Myths and facts T4C
Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) Initiative Phase 2 Site Reports

Seven reports comprise the Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) Initiative Phase 2 Site Reports series.

Myths & Facts - Why Incarceration Is Not the Best Way to Keep Communities Safe

This "Myths & Facts" package includes a one-page list of myths and facts along with a research-based supporting document to show the effectiveness of community corrections.

Thinking for a Change Version 4.0

This program combines cognitive restructuring theory with cognitive skills theory to create an innovative and integrated curriculum designed to help individuals in the juvenile and adult justice systems take control of their lives by taking control of their thinking.

This Month's Feature:
NIC's 2016 Virtual Conference: Leading with Innovation
Wednesday, November 9th, 9am to 5pm ET


The 2016 Virtual Conference is a dynamic platform for sharing information with the field of corrections in a virtual online setting. The purpose of this year’s conference will be to share current and emergent innovations in correctional practice. Emerging technologies have been a boom and bust for corrections. On one hand, technology makes your life easier. On the other, it presents you with challenges. “Leading with Innovation,” the theme of NIC’s Virtual Conference 2016, provides you with information you can use today to navigate the effects of technology in corrections. The Keynote Address "Innovation by Design: Leadership for Agility” will be delivered by Clark Quinn. He is an internationally recognized leader in learning technology strategy.
Other presentations include:

  • “Reform and Transparency in Corrections”
  • “How to Make Evidence Based Programs Come to Life”
  • “Veterans Readjustment Program”
  • “Leading Through Change: The 10 Essential Principles of Implementation Leadership”
  • “Drones: Implications for Unmanned Aircraft in Corrections”

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Resources on Hot Topics

CBT image The following is a list of resources that have been hand-picked by our library team. If you would like some additional research assistance on this topic, please contact our help desk. They have access to specialized databases and thousands of resources you won't find online.

  • Learning and Performance
    NIC is committed to improving correctional agencies' internal capacity to enhance workplace learning and staff performance (i.e., training assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.)
  • Training from A to E: Analysis to Evaluation
    The purpose of this paper is to provide learning performance professionals, curriculum designers, trainers, and others involved in the training profession an overview of the importance of analysis and evaluation when providing training to correctional professionals.
  • The Corrections Learning Organization
    Today, the need to understand effective leadership is greater than ever before: we are living in a smaller, more global environment that is changing at a rapid, often overwhelming, and seemingly unmanageable pace. Accepting the status quo is not an option. High-performance teams require leaders who not only understand and can readily adapt to this changing world, but who foster and inspire continuous learning and improvement among each and every member of the team.
  • Cultural Competencies in the Correctional Workplace
    A list of downloadable resources.

Upcoming Events
Register by: 10/21/2016
Conducting Security Audits
Jan. 30, 2017--Feb. 03, 2017--With NIC’s hands-on, onsite training, gain the experience of auditing out-of-state institutions of various security levels and missions. This 36-hour training program supplements classroom instruction in auditing protocol with tours of assigned facilities and real-world assignments that put newly trained participants in charge of the auditing process.
Register by: 11/09/2016
2016 Virtual Conference
Nov. 09, 2016--The 2016 Annual Virtual Conference hosted by the National Institute of Corrections is a dynamic platform for sharing information with the field of corrections in a virtual online setting. The purpose of this year’s conference will be to share current and emergent innovations in correctional practice through a keynote address, workshops, interactive LiveChat, networking, discussion forums, and virtual information booths. This year’s theme is “Leading with Innovation."
Register by: 11/16/2016
Restrictive Housing: Roadmap to Reform
Nov. 16-17, 2016--This will be a two day live-streaming internet broadcast on Restrictive Housing.
About NIC
Director The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. The Institute is headed by Jim Cosby, Director.
NIC provides training, technical assistance, information services, and policy/program development assistance to federal, state, and local corrections agencies. We also provide leadership to influence correctional policies, practices, and operations nationwide in areas of emerging interest and concern to correctional executives and practitioners as well as public policymakers.
Administrative Offices
320 First St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20534
Training Academy
11900 E Cornell Ave, Unit C
Aurora, CO 80014
800.995.6420 (Fax #)
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