Do Your Global Teams See DEI as an American Issue?

To date, organizations across the world have followed the American lead when it comes to DEI. They’ve benefited from the extensive research, data, literature, role models, best practices, narratives, and success stories and have been inspired to address inequality in their own workplaces. But for global organizations aspiring to be inclusive of diverse talent across their international teams, it’s just as important that employees in Paris, Mumbai, and Buenos Aires are on board as it is for those in New York and Seattle. To achieve this, leaders can draw inspiration from the management term “glocal,” a mix of the words global and local. Using a global lens allows organizations to identify a DEI vision and strategy that defines broad areas of focus while also allowing flexibility for local adaptation within those key areas. The author presents five things to keep in mind when diversifying your DEI approach.

Do Your Global Teams See DEI as an American Issue?

Author(s): Poornima Luthra

Publisher: Harvard Business Review

Publication Date: 3/21/2022

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