CCCN Members


Susan Burke, Past-President, APPA (At-Large Member)

Anne Connell-Freund, Vice President, ICCA

Christopher De Ricco, Vice President, FPPOA

Ellen Donnarumma, Vice President, ICCA

Carolyn Hardin, Chief of Training and Research, NADCP

Marcus Hodges, President, NAPE

Spurgeon Kennedy, Vice President, NAPSA

Doug Marlowe, Senior Scientific Consultant, NADCP

Cynthia Mauser, President, APAI

Phillip Nunes, Past-President, ICCA (At-Large Member)

Craig Penet, President, FPPOA

Jeffrey Peterson, Vice-President, APAI

Erika Preuitt, President, APPA

Ronald Schweer, Vice President, NAPE

Penny Stinson, President, NAPSA

Scott Taylor, Past-President APPA (At-Large Member)

Eileen Vodak, Vice President, FPPOA